Articles about Wizards/Players (Update)

Hello there fellow wizards and contributors! If you've not already, please review the previous discussion regarding this matter before reading this update.

Because of the feedback provided, the lack of a proper solution, and of course the way 7wizards is setup, at this time we will not be allowing articles about wizards and all the previously existing articles have since been removed from the wiki.

If you'd like information about you/your wizard on the wiki please feel free to write about yourself on your personal userpage. In the coming months we'll be focusing on creating a plan and adding new "features" to help increase our wikis "player-friendliness". These future changes should make this change be easier to handle.

Thank you to everyone who worked on these articles and tried their hardest to help find a solution! Hopefully you'll still stick around to help work on our other articles and make this wiki a better place.
Happy editing everyone!

If you have any questions about this update feel free to post below!